"We have a saying here and it goes like this “there are few as good and none are better” this is exactly how I feel about Mr. South."Alfred Luis, Central Coast Outfitters, LLC

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Game Hunting – New Zealand Tours

Free Range, Fair Chase, On Foot Hunting

Tahr Hunt New Zealand Ltd is the genuine article: honest, free range, specialist tahr and game hunting in New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps high country which results in unforgettable experiences and outstanding trophy bulls. Put simply, it’s the ‘real deal’. Our expert hunting guides provide unrivaled access to prime alpine hunting teritory, unbeatable animals and unforgettable experiences.


Game Hunting – Season starts well here in the South Island of New Zealand!

Group of tahr moving across snow on the Southern Alps north of Peel Forest.

Chris and Mike Uboldi visit from USA for a Tahr and other game hunting!

Mike and Chris were a joy to hunt with, great to see a father and son team work so well together.

What are Tahr?

Tahr are large, goat-like animals with long hair, a broad chest, and hooves which provide excellent grip in their rough alpine territory. Find out more about tahr.

What is the best time to hunt Tahr?

April/June (Autumn/Fall) is rutting season, when tahr are at their peak. This is when you’re assured of getting your bull tahr in prime condition as they’re on the prowl, virile and in their full glory. However Tahr Hunt New Zealand operates all year round offering other great game hunting, fishing, hiking and rafting options; there are adventure options for all.

What is the hunting season in New Zealand?

For a large number of species you are able to hunt all year round, any day, any time. The best time of the year for hunting tahr is in Autumn or late Spring. For finer details on other game visit their page here.